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I support keeping our promises to our retired state employees while looking for creative ways to ensure the plan is solvent. My mother is a retired public school teacher.

Public Education

Courtney and I are products of the public school system as are our children. I want the Rankin County Public Schools to have the tools necessary to continue providing quality public education. I support incentives for teachers to become Nationally Board Certified and would like to see more of the money that is allocated get to the classroom level.


Jobs should be created in the private sector and I support government helping to create a positive economic environment for growth and expansion.


I do not support the levying of any new taxes.


Road and bridge repair across the state must be a priority for the sake of public safety, jobs, and future economic growth. We must prioritize our spending to meet this need.


I am a fiscal conservative and would be hesitant to support issuing more debt than we pay off each year.